Urban Decay Heat palette review!

Let me begin by saying, I love Urban Decay! When I hear a new product is coming out I get to the counter as soon as possible and swatch it, and, more often than not buy it.

It took me a little longer with this palette, I debated it in my head, “do I really need another eyeshadow palette?” “Are these colours any different to the ones I already have?” “Am I going to regret spending money on this?”

I only ended up buying this product around a week ago, when the lovely lady on the counter in my local store let me play around with the tester and examine every detail of it.

So let’s start with this, the packaging.

It’s not a surprise that the Heat Palette is packaged well, all Urban Decay products are. This was something different. I may describe eye shadows as beautiful or breathtaking, but it’s not often I describe the packaging in the same way. The colours are consistent with its theme, reds, oranges and mauves. The artwork used is also consistent, playing with heat and flames in its imagery.

When you take the palette out of the packaging, underneath you fine this image.

When you flip the box over you find this.

This is the image that I loved, in fact I wish I’d thought of it first so it could be my cover photo!

I know, there’s the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But, for someone who works with aesthetics, these images made sure the product was half way into my bag.

Now, I’ve talked about the outside and had chance to marvel at it, let’s move on to the actual product shall we?

The first thing I did when I saw the colours was swatch it, as I do with every other tester I set my eyes on.

The first thing that stood out to me was the velvety feel of the eye shadows, it felt like applying a cream product. The colours glide on effortlessly.

Once I put them onto my hand to swatch, I began rubbing them around each other to see how well they would blend and, well, blend the definitely did! I was taken back by how effortless it was to merge the colours.

After this, needless to say I had to have it.

I bought the palette on my way to work one afternoon. I work long shifts which involve sleep in shifts, so it’s common for me to do my make up on the go or quickly in the morning, trying to get it done before the people I work with get up.

The morning after I bought it, I woke up at work. I trecked down the stairs and to the office, made a coffee, sat in the specific spot on the office floor I always use for the best lighting and got myself to eye shadow point in my make up routine. I debated which palette to use, as i’d bought a few the day before. Me being me, I couldn’t resist the charm of a new urban decay product.

I took it out of its casing and picked up the brush to apply Ounce as my base colour.

The first thing I noticed was that the shadows, although pigmented and soft, produced a lot of excess powder, which was building up at the end of the palette. I used the provided brush and started to apply and I noticed something. There was no colour going onto my lid.

I used a darker colour from the palette, and tried again, encountering the same problems with excess, but at least this time I could see some colour on my lids.

To be honest, in the end, I gave up and used a different palette. At this point covering my outfit in the powder that had fallen out.

I also had concerns about the colours at closer inspection, as some of them were very similar.

However, on trying the palette again for a special event I made an important discovery. There is no issue with the shadows themselves. They go on easy, there pigments are on point. There is no real excess, if you don’t use the provided brush!

Once I stopped using the brush that came on the palette and swapped it for my real techniques eye brush set, I completely fell in love with the palette. I was able to easily create the looks I wanted and blend the shadows together well (sorry, blurry picture alert).

The colours are warm, something which I’ve found uncommon in what I’m going to call a matte makeup era. The shine on the glitter shades is unbeatable.

Overall, I would totally recommend the Urban Decay Heat Palette as an essential for any make up bag, so long as you have the right brushes to go alongside it!

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