Autumn Tag

So, I just did a quick google and it’s nearly Autumn! I was unsure if it was already autumn or not, it certainly feels like it should be at the minute!

The beautiful and wonderful Becca over at tagged me to take part in an Autumn tag, so let’s give it ago!

1.  What signifies Autumn to you?

So, honesty time, I actually hate autumn, I also hate spring. Like, just be hot or cold I don’t want to deal with the in between. So what signifies autumn I me is waking up every morning, looking out of my window and being thoroughly confused about what to put on, should I just layer up my summer wardrobe with jackets? Should I pull out my jumpers? Is it to early to put on a Christmas jumper? Where did I put my boots collection last year when I swapped them out for flip flops?

2.  What is the best way to spend a rainy day?

When I’m out and about on a rainy day you can normally find me shopping (in an inside shopping centre) with bags in one hand and a costa in the other.

If I’m inside it’s all about Netflix, blankets and a puzzle book!

3. What is your most fond Autumn memory?

It’s all about Halloween! One of my favourite memories is my second Halloween at uni, I dressed as the corpse bride with an outfit made of paper clips which my best friend had to keep redoing up for me. We question for hours on he cold to get into a club and then tried to have a nap in a wet park. We also, apparently fell in love with a sign.

4. What is your favourite Autumn scent?

I’m currently in love with any candles that are fire or ash scented. I found an amazing one the other day and didn’t buy it, now I can’t remember where I saw it and I’m very disappointed in my self.

5.  What are you most excited for this Autumn?

Halloween! I’m already planning my costume and make up.

6.What is your favourite Autumn song?

In autumn the inner emo kid in me comes back out to play. I love walking with my headphones In, crunching leaves underneath me and having some heavy drum beats in my ears. My songs change every year but a few weeks ago I had my iPod on shuffle and rediscovered my love for Fall Out Boy, so I feel like this year it’s going to be all about ‘a little less sixteen candles’

A little less than sixteen candles

7.   What is your favourite Autumn movie?

One of my favourite movies of all time is based in autumn, so it doesn’t change. That’s ‘The skeleton twins.’ It’s all about twins that reconnect through mental health issues, but it’s also hilarious.

But, that being sad, who doesn’t love curling up to a Harry Potter marathon when the rains pouring down!

8. What TV shows are you most looking forward to this Autumn?

Greys Anatomy normally comes back in September, I pretty much live for a good hospital drama.

9.   What is your favourite Autumn colour?

I live a deep green colour, whether it’s eye make up, clothes or at the minute, hair.

10.   What is your most loved outdoor Autumn activity?

What is this outdoor you speak of? I only go outdoors if I’m working or shopping 😂

11.   What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

Chunky knee high boots! Either brown ones to match my jumpers and scarves or black ones with buckles and studs to match my previously mentioned inner emo kid.

12.   If you could have a familiar/ spirit animal, what would it be?

I’m going to pass on this question, on account of me having no idea!

13.  Name one place you wish you could visit during Autumn?

somewhere that is massive on Halloween. Id live to go somewhere in America and get dressed up, circle the neighbourhoods and see all the decorations and then go hit a party.

14.   What is your favourite photo you took last autumn?

So, again, being honest, last autumn was sucky. My dad passed away early October so it was a season of sadness, funeral preparations and confusion.

However I love this photo, this was at a memorial service for my dad, an extra thing a couple of weeks after the funeral.

We decided that dad would have been bored and hated the service if he was there, so we took selfies and pulled stupid faces and made sarcastic comments about everything that happened instead. My dad would have much preferred that.

15.  What are you being this Halloween?

I really want to go as Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd but after she’s been thrown in the fire. If this doesn’t work out my back up plans are Magenta from Rocky Horror or the black swan.

I’m not going to tag any one specifically, I’m pretty sure everyone I want to tag has been tagged! But please if you read this and want to take part do it anyway!



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