September Favorites!

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Welcome to October.

I thought it was about time I did a favorites post so here it is! I’ve tries to cover some different areas, these are the things I’ve fallen in love with over September.

Lets start with make up products shall we?


Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer. 

I’m not a primer person, in fact its only in the last year I’ve started to build a primer collection. I’ve always been a ‘find one you like and stick to it’ kind of girl, however my biggest annoyance in the past few days is making my make up stay on my face for longer than half an hour. So, I went on a primer search. I tried multiple, high end, drug store, think, runny, creamy, gritty and although there were a few I loved I’d not found one that I would make part of my every day routine. Until this guy, I have issues with big pores and this primer smoothes them so well. Its creamy and once its applied my skin has never been so smooth. Like, the kind of smooth where I repeatedly want to stroke my face. It id s little pricey for primer, but so worth the money!


Dior Liquid Lip Satin. 

Speaking of things that are a little pricey, lets talk about the new Dior lip range. I have never paid as much for a lip … item? But I have never had so much love for one either. I opted for three shades, hologram, spicey metal and poison metal.


Poison metal is my life right now. These are described as liquid lipsticks but they also have an element of lip stain. They go on smoothly and the application brush is so easy to control, my lips are tiny so its often difficult to get a lip look that doesn’t bleed or go over the edges of my upper lip. The product dries quickly to go from a gloss feel to a matte feel while being shimmery. I opted for the colors with sparkle because I’m getting bored of my ever growing matte collection.


Charles Worthington Thicker and Fuller Shampoo and Conditioner. 

When my mum ran through the kitchen to find me and tell me about her new hair routine after drying her hair, I thought she was being a little dramatic, well a lot dramatic. However, I then tried it myself. I’ve been using these along with step 3, which is a boosting creme for around two weeks now and its put some life and volume back into my otherwise flat and thing hair. The shampoo has hard dots of good stuff (I don’t know how to describe this, is case you hadn’t guessed) which makes me feel like I’m getting a good hair wash each time and the conditioner smells amazing. I have already noticed that my hair is growing and feels much healthier since I’ve swapped from Aussie to these.


Jumper Season!

Despite my anger towards autumn fashion and weather confusion, I am loving all things knit at the minute. This is one of my favorite finds of September, from river island. Its soft and fluffy and warm and I have been living in it for a while now. It actually fits a big baggier and longer on me than in the photo, which I love because I can pass it off as a jumper dress. I also love that the cut out shoulder trend is following us from summer into autumn. It just adds something a bit more unique.

Recovery by Russell Brand. 

I love Russell Brand. I may not agree with everything he says or does, and I may have had a slight emotional breakdown when he split with Katy Perry, but I find something about him captivating. I love reading and listening to what he has to say. I bought this book half price and on a bit of an impulse and I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but what I have read I’ve loved. Theres a very humble yet authoritative tone to the writing and the concept is a brave and well thought out one. It challenges everyone to look at addiction, whether its a stereotypical one, or one that is deemed social acceptable. I 100% admire the thought and the bravery of releasing this into the world.


Hey I want You – Felix Hagan and the Family.

If you are still looking for a sound track to your autumn, look no further. FHATF released this song and its everything I wanted to hear this autumn, there is also a new album dropping in November which I can’t contain my excitement for. If I was going to some up the sounds I’d say Rocky Horror meets pop rock meets glitter. If you’ve not heard them check it out. I might even bug you all by putting it as a soundtrack for this post.


So till next time!

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