Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Review.

Lets talk Jeffree shall we?!?

The first time I was introduced to Jeffree Star I was about 14 in an ICT lesson at school and my friend showed me him as a music artist. I didn’t know what to think, I lived a very sheltered and christian life back then and pretended, due to my (what I now see was a pathetic and narrow minded) moral code that I hated it. Secretly I loved it. After the period of people at school being obsessed I kind of forgot he existed until I got into the make up blogging and you tubing world.

I intermittently glance at the JS make-up shop and think ‘oh, I need that.’ So when I saw the summer collection on sale I knew I had to have it.


Firstly, lets talk ordering from America. I ordered the liquid lipstick set direct from the American website, which comes with issues all of its own. The products took along time to come, and then obviously I had to pay a hefty customs charge, but I got the products on sale so in my mind that justified it for me. It took over a month before the package arrived at my door, but lets not let that reflect badly on the product shall we!


I’ve ordered complete sets of make up products before and they’ve been sent to me just in a plastic bag, I wasn’t expecting such nice packaging, its boxed together and then individually boxed on the inside, in this metallic pink and black casing. I have to admit I got a bit excited going through each one, I couldn’t help but feel like the type of blogger who gets PR packages and wish that was what my life was really like every day.

As you might be able to see, the colors included are Butt Naked, Calabasas, Venus Flytrap, Family Jewels, You.Better.Work, Candyass and Flamboyant (excuse the wonky swatching).

On first swatching the product you can tell how creamy they are, they glide on and the color is rich, there is no layering needed to get them to reach full color. Even the bright shades. The swatches you can see are from one brush stroke. The one which really impressed me is You.Better.Work, which is the purple shade. I have looked for a bright purple lipstick for ages but all the ones I have tried come out either grainy of need a lot of layers. This was not the case for this one!

I also love the green, I don’t know when I’ll ever use it, but I love it so I will find an outfit/look to match!

There are two glittery shades in the set, these are Candyass and Flamboyant, both have a shiny red/pink base and, well, they are life.

As I mentioned this is the summer collection on sale so I thought I may have to wait to use them until we hit a warmer season, but it’s never to cold for a purple, beige or red lip, I’ll be cracking these colors out regularly through the winter.

The first real application I did of these was this morning getting ready to go shopping with a friend. We both played with the colors and found some more impressive than others. Lets talk about the good first. The glitter shades applied with no problem, and they are 100% long wear. The formula dried quickly and has stayed on my lips all day. I left my house at midday today, went for dinner and went shopping. Its now nearly 7pm and the color is still clearly on my lips, in fact I can’t find any part of it thats budged. Im slightly nervous it will never come off, but thats a problem I am happy to have. The color has stayed in place nearly 8 hours without reapplication. Thats good going!

The darker shades are pretty similar, they go on creamy, dry and stay there until you are ready to take it off. The purple in particular is long wear.

However, lets talk about the beiges, both butt naked and hunty. I don’t know if it is just particularly hard to create a good beige liquid lipstick but I had the same problem with these that I have had with all my others, whether drug store or high end. They both applied fine, creamy and smooth to go on, but it all went wrong from there. Firstly, these shades didn’t dry, the remained sticky to touch. As they started to go from wet to tacky, they also started to crack, folding in on natural creases in the lip. I can not comment on how long wear they are because the color had to come off!

All in all, the reds and purples in the set are life, i’d happily wear them all day every day and would go through the hassle of ordering American products again for them. The beiges are a let down, I would not be ordering them again, and feel like they might end up going in my bin rather than my make – up collection!



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