Christmas Q and A Tag.

Happy December Guys!

So the start of advent also means the start of blogmas and talking about all things christmassy! If you follow me on youtube ( you will have seen that I’ve done a QandA. I loved doing it so I thought why not bring the fun over to here and create a tag. So thats what this post is going to be. If I’ve not tagged you and you would like to join in, go for it! So, lets start shall we?


Q1 – What is a Christmas tradition you do every year without fail?

In my family we celebrate Christmas on Boxing Day. Boxing Day is the day we get to have my younger sisters. It is also easier so the rest of the family are freed up to go to other relatives where they want/feel obliged to. I love this because when everyone else’s Christmas is over, mines just beginning.

Q2 – What is a Christmas tradition you do every year other people might find strange?

Every year I watch the musical Rent, if you’ve not seen it you need to! The musical is based around Christmas in a poverty stricken group of friends in New York who are all battling in some way with the effects of HIV/AIDS. I guess people may find this a strange tradition because even though its set at Christmas its really sad and hard hitting.

Q3- What is your favorite Christmas movie and song?

My favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually, I could watch it all year round but especially in December. Its full of, well, Love funnily enough and the whole tone promotes Christmas spirit. As well as it being set at Christmas of course. its my favorite thing to cuddle up on the sofa and watch, and Emma Thomson is amazing in it, as always.

My Favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night, whether its a choir singing it, an over the top Mariah version or Lea Michelle in the Glee Christmas episode, I love it. It is beautiful, christmassy and I enjoy trying to belt out the high notes at the end!

Q4 – What is the best and worst present you’ve every recieved?

The best present I have ever received was a few years ago my parents bought me a new guitar, I still use the same one now and I love it!

One of the worst presents I have received is a bin! I knew why I’d got it and did actually want it, but I was so excited to receive an unusual shaped present and then was disappointed to get a bin!

Q5 – What is one beauty product you are excited about using this year for Christmas looks? 

I am really excited to use the Heavy Metals Urban Decay palette for my Christmas looks this year, its all glitter and I can’t wait to try some festive party looks, theres are silvers, golds and red amongst the colors, everything I need for Christmas.


Q6 – What is your go to Christmas Party Dress this year? 

I found this dress in New Look last week, it was only £9.99 and I’m in love with it, its teal and feels velvety, Im excited to dress it up for a party and to dress it down for every day wear. It’s stocked in sizes 6-18.


Q7 – What are you most looking forward to this Christmas time?

I’m really excited to give people there presents this year, I feel like I’ve done really well in all my shopping and I can’t wait or reactions!


Thats all for now,

See you soon!


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