My Favourite Decorations.

I love the build up to Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year, I’m not a fan of Christmas Day itself but I love December. I love the atmosphere, the shopping, the hype and all the festivities. On of the parts I enjoy the most is decorating the house and seeing everyone else decorations. I love creating a chilled, festive and sparkly environment. This year I decorated my house on a budget because, well I went in to B and M and loved everything in there so I bought loads of things and didn’t need much to go alongside.

In honor of how pretty I think my house looks I thought I would show you guys my favourite parts.


I Love pine cones! Its something so natural yet so pretty and ornamental, especial when they are covered in silver and gold glitter! I picked up the big silver ones in a set of 15 from the £1+ shop or £1.99. The small ones came from the same shop in a set of 9 for £1.


How cute is this bow! It’s a brown net/mesh like material sprayed with silver glitter. This was in BandM for £2. I find it it the perfect size to cover up plus sockets or mess wires that come with hanging fairy lights.


I bought these pots of glitter in BandM, they were in the craft section. The come in packs of 18 or £4.99. I picked these up because I thought they would make a really cute addition to centre pieces of Christmas displays and I wasn’t disappointed. They come in a range of different colors, I especially love the silver, reds and golds because after all, it is the season.


These are gold bows made out of ribbon, net and glitter, they attach to our tree on bendable wire. I love these because my mum made them years ago. She had talked about the tree she had as a little girl a lot and how they made there own decoration because they were short on money. She talked about the bows she used to make and I came home from school one day and she had made 30 and covered our tree in them. I think they are beautiful, festive and even better with the story behind them and knowing they are hand made.


I love having candy canes on our Christmas tree, when I see them it feels like a Christmas tree in a kids film, it feels so festive!


This is our old Rayburn/Aga, it was in our kitchen and my dad used to love it, he loved taking care of it, keeping in a fire and cooking over it. When my dad passed away my mum decided it would be too much work or her to keep on her own. So instead of throwing it out we had the idea to plant it up and have it as a garden feature, it has the old kettle and coal buckets planted up around it as well. So with it being Christmas we couldn’t resist covering it in fairy lights as well!



If you want to see more decorations I will be uploading a decoration tour to my youtube channel later, have you checked my channel out yet? You can find it at

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