Mini Room Tour

Around a year ago I moved home to live with my mum again after my dad passed away. It was also when I became more involved in blogging and youtube. I went from having a full house to set myself up in to only having my bedroom to use as a bedroom, office and filming space and I faced the challenge of finding space to set myself up properly.

I have quite a large room and I found by making a few simple changes I was able to fit everything in and make it look pretty. So I thought I’d share them with you!


As you walk in my bedroom door this is what you see. The first noticeable thing is the wardrobe space! I love having the amount of space I do, although it is almost full now. Having the bigger wardrobes means that I don’t have any need for draws and so I can maximize floor space. Having overhead cupboards has really helped me, I can organize things I don’t often use and stop them cluttering my room.

The next thing I rearranged was the position of my bed. The bed is meant to go under the overhead cupboards however by moving it out of the way and into the very corner of my  room I created a cute mini – space for filming.


With the space being tucked away it means I can leave out my spotlights, stool and other props and they are not in the middle of the room waiting to be fallen over. My backdrop was created really easily, using a primark bedsheets and fairy lights. It cost around £11 to create. Above my backdrop are images of people who inspire the most in each field I’m interested in, music, acting, influencers and musicals.


There are shelves in the same space and I like to fill them with pretty things! Mainly because I love it when my room looks cute but also because if I film at a certain angle, these shelves are in shot. I love these candles, Fig Blossom was £4 in Primark and the tall candle was £10 in New Look.


On the right hand side of my room is my make up stash! I used to have all my make-up in closed draws but I found that I had so many products I loved but never used because they were at the back of a draw and out of site. I swapped over to these shelves and now I use all of it because I can see what I have. Having shelves also gives a room a much more open feeling than chests of draws. it also gives me another space to put up some pictures/props.


On the opposite wall to where I film I have a feature wall, you can kind of see it on the photo above. It is also where my office like space it, computer, printer stationary etc. Its always messy looking and my computer table is an old dressing table I can’t bring myself to through away. This is the area I need to do some work on next. The thing I love most about its positioning is that it is next to my bed. So once I’ve finished working I can move the monitor round, out on Netflix and get into bed!

And on my bed is where you find my doggy, not an important note… but a cute one!


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