The Pros and Cons of Plus Size Shopping.

Shopping is probably my favorite thing in the world. If it were a sport I might actually take up exercise and be good at it. Some days I’ll get into a clothes shop and love it, I’ll buy everything and feel great but sometimes it’s not that simple. Being plus size and trying to navigate around the high street can be stressful. I remember when I was about 14 I wrote a bucket list, safe to say most of the things on it I haven’t achieved and no longer want to but one of the things on that list was to build I wardrobe that I loved and outfits I was happy with and I finally think I’ve achieved that. So I thought I’d take a minute to look at the pros and cons of plus size shopping.

Lets start with some pros!

  • I’ve noticed in the last few years more and more brands have started plus size ranges or increasing the sizes of the normal ranges. There are more options and although there is a long way to go, high street fashion is becoming an inclusive hobby. At one point I struggled to find anything that fit that wasn’t hideous, but with the changed in shops marketing I feel happy to walk into the shops I love and feel confident that the piece thats in the window will be stocked in my size.
  • Plus size clothing is, generally, the same price as other clothing now. I remember when I was younger the frustration would come as I saw the price increase with the sizes. Being honest, (tongue in cheek) plus size clothes do use more material so in a way I’m getting more for my money.
  • Online shopping is becoming a bigger and bigger industry and most online stores stock plus sizes, so the options for browsing and spending money I don’t have have become more and more.
  • There are more and more influencers, singers, actors and public figures who are plus sized and advocate with clothing ideas and inspirations. The amount of female, plus size role models to get ideas from or just pave the way in fashion is growing, I love that!

But here are some Cons and my general pet hates.

  • PLEASE! stop sizing things in S,M,L,XL etc. It doesn’t help anybody, let alone plus size women to find the right size. While were on size brackets the 8-10, 12-14,16-18 way of sizing doesn’t help either, what if I need a 14-16? I am confident in myself and I want to show that in my clothing. I don’t want to have to guess whether an L is going to drown me, or whether a 16-18 is going to make me look like I’m bulging out of my clothes like an overflowing bing-bag.
  • Sizes vary everywhere! In River Island I buy a 16, In Primark I go for a 20. I’ve learnt my size in each shop, but I shouldn’t need to, surly it should be universal? The thing I find worse is when a shop stocks up to a 14 in ‘normal’ clothes but there plus sizes start at an 18-20. What about the middle bit?
  • Lets be honest, not all plus size ranges are positive, some have hideous clothes. Just because I’m fat I don’t want to have jeans with a waistband that meets my bra. I don’t want to live in a black T-shirt with a token flower. Why can’t the ‘normal’ clothes just be made bigger rather than designers thinking ‘this person’s fat, I know what they want, all black, shapeless garments that resemble a duvet cover with some buttons down the middle.’

That being said, you definitely can find some great buys. Here are my favourite most recent purchases!

If you want some shopping inspiration, I’ve found the best plus size ranges recently to be

  1. Boohoo Curve
  2. River Island
  3. Primark

And, you may disagree but the ranges I hate shopping the most

  1. New Look Plus
  2. Asos Plus
  3. Misguided


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