March Make-Up Favourites

Welcome to April!

I’m so excited that it’s April, mainly because I’m hoping for some sun. I love all things summer so Spring is where I come into my element and I’ve felt that with my make up picks over the past month. I thought I’d share my favourites from March with you guys.

I committed to not spending too much money this month because I’m a bit of a shopping addict, so most of my picks are budget. Because of that I’ve fallen in love with make up revolution highlighters and eye palettes.

I’ve inserted four new highlighters into my collection this month. They were all £5 each. The pigmentation is incredible, much better than you would expect from the price. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kits are the only other highlighters I’ve had that you can the glow of in normal lighting. These highlighters are so aesthetically pleasing, I particularly love how bleeding heart look in its box. I never use blush, so having a highlight with pink tones running through has helped me out! I’m also so impressed with the volume of product you get for the price.

I also added 4 palettes to my collection. I read and saw on Instagram so many good things about the make up revolution chocolate palettes. To be honest I’ve avoided them because I don’t like the packaging, I find it really tacky. But I saw so much stuff about the mint chocolate palette so I took the plunge and I love it. Again I was so surprised at the pigments in the for the price (£8.99 each). I then go the chocolate orange set. I love how blend-able they are and the looks I can create with them. I used nothing but those palettes for the first 2 weeks after I got them. Since then I’ve also got the 24k gold and the rose gold palettes, I haven’t used these as much but they were still well worth the money. If you’re looking for an alternative for Anastasia Subculture, mint chocolate is the one for you. Some of the shades in the chocolate orange palette resemble the Urban Decay Heat palette. If you don’t want to spend to much I’d go for these!

I’ve had these two foundations in my collection for a while but didn’t initially love them. However since the seasons changed I’ve found these to be perfect. The miracle touch foundation is a mouse and comes with a sponge to apply. It’s light weight and medium coverage and so easy to apply. It’s a real spring foundation, the colour is a perfect match for me. The powder I bought alongside it is a foundation on its own, but when added to the miracle touch it boosts the coverage while still making it feel light weight.

I didn’t believe all the hype about Jeffree Star products however they are super long wear and I fell in love just for that. This is my go to shade Candyass. I bought is when the spring collection went on sale last year and I’ve recently cracked it back out again. It’s a proper 90s pink shimmer but with the long wear and pigments of a matte lipstick.

I’ve finally collected all the Urban Decay Vice lip toppers. I added these 2, the final 2 to my collection and I love them. They sit on top of a base colour and add some sparkle and hold the base colour in place, they are everything!

Check out my YouTube to find out more of my non Beauty related favourites




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