5 Things I Learnt Having Hair Extensions.

I’ve put my hair through pretty much everything, growing, chopping, curling, dying it every colour available. It left my hair in pretty bad shape and I ended up having to have a lot cut off it, I’ve never been one for short so this irritated me. However I couldn’t complain to much because it was my own doing. So I waited for my hair to recover and then opted for a standard weave. Little did I know it’s not as simple as just having it put in and the treating it like it’s your own hair.


1 – It’s hard work! 

Extension upkeep is not the same as dealing with your own hair at a longer length. It takes time and effort and I’ve never had to brush my hair so much ever. Extensions create some sort of friction which means the not and tangle together easily as the rub on your clothes. It’s very hard to keep the back of the extensions looking like hair and not hay. It takes me around an hour each night to brush, condition and plait them in place to make sure they don’t get messed up over night, I then have to brush and straighten it every morning before I leave the house.

2- A perfect colour match is possible. 

My hair is different shades of blonde at the minute, I never have it all a completely flat colour and because of that I’m never able to find clip in extensions to match. I worried that there would always be part of my hair the looked out of place, but if you find a good salon they should be able to match and dye your extensions properly. Let’s be honest, when you’re paying that much for your hair you want it to be perfect!


3- Getting the right products is so important. 

This is one of those situations where your hairdressers try and up sell you stupidly expensive products to keep your hair looking fresh. However in this case you actually need the products, there is no point using normal shampoo and conditioner because the hair will matte together and knot. It also won’t leave it shiny and smooth. A solid leave in conditioner has been a must for me.

I’ve been using X-10 leave in treatment and it’s been a lifesaver, it goes on my hair multiple times a day, it stops it tangling, makes it smooth, smells amazing and is really cheap on Amazon.

I’m currently using Mukhair shampoo and conditioner on my extensions and L’Oréal expert repair on my real hair to keep it strong.

4- it is not cheap to keep

Everyone knows it’s expensive to buy the hair and have it put in, but there are other costs involved, as I mentioned, the products can be expensive. If you have your extensions in for more than 6 weeks you’ll need to get some maintenance done in the form of tightening, or having them taken out and the replanted, I tend to opt for the latter as it lasts longer, which costs over 100 each time. Add that on top of your normal hair cuts, colours etc, you come out with a hefty bill!


5- its 100% worth it.

I regret nothing about having them put in, I’ve noticed that being happy with my hair length has changed how confident I am and how happy I am with my appearance and I never want to go back. Plus when I look down and see my long blonde waves I feel like a princess.


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